Where does god gain more honour?

Image: Jacob Meyer,  Unsplash

Image: Jacob Meyer, Unsplash

Individuals from a local Mahabba prayer group have been involved in running a meeting for better understanding (MBU). 30 Muslims attended the event with Christians and heard the Gospel very clearly.

A Muslim speaker made a very startling statement, quoting from Deuteronomy 21:23.

Whoever hangs on the wood is cursed by God

He went on to say:

For this reason, it is impossible for us to believe that Jesus died on the cross. God would never allow such a terrible thing to be said about one of the greatest prophets

The Christian speaker succeeded very well in building the Gospel precisely on this truth:

Jesus took the curse that had been caused by our sin and paid the punishment of death on our behalf

It was clear that from a Muslim perspective, the death of Jesus is a great sign of God’s weakness.

Therefore, it is very important to emphasise that:

The Gospel does not finish with the curse and death of Jesus, but continues with the lifting of the curse by his resurrection!

A great question to ask Muslims regarding this central issue is:

Where does God gain more honour, by preventing the death of Jesus, as it is described in the Q uran, or by raising him from the dead, as described in the Bible?

The answer is self evident.

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