Surprising connections

Surprising connections - a blog from Mahabba Network

God is moving among Muslims

This is a real-life story of recent events from one of the local Mahabba groups in the Network. Names and details have been deliberately removed to protect the identity of those involved, but praise God - he is working in the lives of Muslims to reveal Jesus!

John, the coordinator, tells us what happened...

Surprising connections

The Mahabba Basingstoke group ran a very successful Easter Party for Muslims in the town recently.

It was at the request of a local Muslim association.

Others invited did not accept or were unable to come, but we did generate some interest and enabled other Christians to do something more to engage with Muslim colleagues or neighbours.

We explained Easter using language that would resonate and help generate discussion.

As we led a tour around a local church as part of the event, there were lots of questions about the furniture, stained glass windows (popular) and especially about the display of the Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments and Creed.

We discovered unrecognised links – children knew each other from school and an older Muslim mum had come to the church carer & toddler group, so was able to recommend it to others.

Some discovered shared sporting interests, so we were able to develop friendships and opportunities to meet more often.

We continue with Scriptural Reasoning, and have found the newly-published Grove booklet very helpful and thought provoking.

We hope to discuss this method of building friendships and sharing faith more at the Regional Gathering in Gloucester! 


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