Strang report: Christians loving Muslims produces fruit

Image: Neil Moralee,  Flickr

Image: Neil Moralee, Flickr

Strang report: Christians loving Muslims produces fruit

The Strang Report from Charisma magazine featured Mahabba in an article leading up to Ramadan.

This is part 1 in a series of 3 from Charisma Magazine. Read part 2 and part 3.

Steve Strang interviewed Gordon Hickson, Director for the Mahabba Network, and here are some excerpts.

You can find a link to the full article at the bottom.

The bottom line: Christians should not be afraid of Muslims. As they share love (mahabba), Muslims are coming to Christ. His friendship network is being used successfully in various parts of the world. And after having a significant spiritual experience, he now has faith for 30 million Muslims to come to the Lord!

I was horrified at the lack of response by pastors and ministries when it came to trying to reach Muslims.

I have to admit I thought it was a demon and tried to rebuke it, but actually it was God and He, more and more, continued to make it known to me for 11 months that 'this is Me; you must start praying for and reaching Muslims