What does Mahabba do to meet, engage and ultimately convert Muslims to Christianity?

What does Mahabba do to meet, engage and ultimately convert Muslims to Christianity?

Phil asked us about our work and approaches to seeing Muslims come to know Jesus:

I believe most Muslims have heritage in places where there is not freedom to consider Christianity, and we have the opportunity to fulfill that need now that they are in a free country


Thanks to the help of some specialists on The City, we an relay the following advice.

1. What do you do to meet, engage, and ultimately convert Muslims to Christianity?

We help sow and establish local prayer groups, as we believe that for the Gospel to breakthrough among Muslims, there needs to be a strong foundation of prayer.

We believe that people do not convert Muslims, rather God will cause people to turn to him via Jesus Christ.

As such, persistent prayer is vital, so we invest heavily in fostering this activity in the Network.

As groups get establish, we support them with resources, materials and advice for the plans and visions they have to do practical outreach.

We do this in various forms and according to local needs, such as facilitating Friendship First courses or Meetings for Better Understanding.

2. Do you have any Mahabba groups outside the UK?

We are currently focussed on work in the UK, but there is much interest internationally.

We are looking to set up Mahabba officially on the international stage, at which point we will be able to respond more intentionally to requests.

3. How do you use donations to further your mission. What do you buy and how do you deliver it?

The majority of funds received is directed locally, as we seek to support and equip local expressions of outreach to Muslims.

We have a group of regional reps that we fund in order to help, advise and counsel local prayer groups as they outwork their heart to see Muslims come to know Jesus.


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