Mahabba on Cross Rhythms' Breakthrough! Nights

Image: Joanthan Velasquez,  Unsplash

Image: Joanthan Velasquez, Unsplash

Mahabba on Cross Rhythms' Breakthrough! Nights

Gordon, National Director for Mahabba Network, was on Cross Rhythms' Breakthrough! Nights radio show last night, speaking about the work of Mahabba.

Breakthrough! Nights focusses on the people, issues and initiatives of the Stoke on Trent area and occasionally national and global topics.

It offers a chance for people, Christian or not, to engage spiritually through contemporary worship, prayer, the prophetic and sharing amazing life changing stories.

Gordon answered a series of questions, including:

  • What response is the Network getting from the Muslim community?
  • If Islam is in the news, like most things, it's usually for bad news and in Islam's case it's usually terrorism. You don't often hear of people talking about loving Muslims in the media. So please tell me about your love for Muslims
  • What do Muslims experience from their families and faith community when they want to change their faith and become Christians?
  • How understanding is our Government and services, of the issues Muslim converts face?
  • The Government has recently ended the scheme bringing child refugees to Britain, having taken just 350 of the promised 3,000. What is your opinion of this?

The full interview will be available shortly as a Q&A article, so stay tuned, but you can listen again to the show here.

Gordon was speaking to Heather Bellamy, and if you want to tune into Cross Rhythms, Breakthrough! Nights is on every Tuesday evening, and available on FM or online.