40acts: Against the Tide

Image:  40acts

Image: 40acts

40acts: Against the Tide

40acts has just featured a post from one of our local Mahabba prayer groups on day 35 of its campaign.

40acts is an annual campaign run by Stewardship during Lent, encouraging acts of generosity, and was the inspiration for Mahabba's Lovefast Ramadan campaign.

Today's theme is all about bucking the trends of society, and here's a snippet, which is to do with how we out work that in faith communitieis, including Muslim ones.

You can find a link to the full article below.

In a culture which seems to thrive on negative perceptions and suspicion of difference, building friendships with people from other faith communities is one way we can do things differently. How will you swim against the tide of mistrust and fear? In which ways will you live out the message of reconciliation with which we have been entrusted?


... we have recently reached a total of 40 local Mahabba prayer groups in the UK - awesome news!

With your help, though, we would like to continue to sow, plant and support Mahabba groups.

Our work involves a small team of regional reps and central hub personnel investing in local coordinators and groups, as well as spreading the word.

To continue this vital mission to Muslims, we need to increase our regular monthly income.

Our initial target is to raise up 100 individual regular donors, giving an average of £10 to £15 per month.

Could you be one of the 100?