How do you wish a Muslim 'Happy New Year'?


How do you wish a Muslim 'Happy New Year'?

From Mahabba Peterborough

Happy New Year!

Or in Arabic: al-sanat al-jadīdah.

Or in Urdu, a familiar language to many of our Pakistani heritage neighbours: nayya saal mubarak.

You could say that to many of your Muslim neighbours, as most have Pakistani roots, but are also British and observe the western new year as well.

You may not know, but in 2017 the Islamic Year 1439 started between the evenings of 21st and 22nd September.

The Islamic New Year occurs at different times of our year because Islam uses a lunar calendar that started from the Hijra, the Flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622AD.

Muslims mark their New Year quietly, with prayer and reflection.