Resurrection season

Resurrection season

Greetings to all across the Mahabba Network in this resurrection season!

May Jesus the resurrection and the life be revealed to our Muslim friends and neighbours - as he was to the two on the Emmaus road when their eyes were opened and their hearts burned within.  

This will be our prayer through the (fast-approaching) month of Ramadan when our friends are fasting, seeking God and often more spiritually open; a time when Jesus has been revealed to many, often in a dream or vision.

You are invited to join Lovefast this year - if you are not already signed up, do join with the growing number who will be reflecting, praying and engaging in simple ways on each of the 30 days of Ramadan. It starts Monday 6th May. This is a great way to catch more of God’s heart for Muslims - a daily email, informing and inspiring.

Lovefast will follow the daily topics of the 30 Days Prayer Guide - this year’s theme is hospitality. 30 Days of Prayer is a global prayer movement that has grown amazingly from small beginnings 26 years ago so we get to join with thousands of Christians praying worldwide. It should be no surprise to us that in that same period movements to Jesus have happened in numbers never seen before, right across the Muslim world! God is moving in response to the prayers of his people.

Lovefast supplements the 30 Days Prayer Guide and connects particularly to our Muslim neighbours here in the UK. May we see movements here too!

What better and more significant time to pray blessing for Muslim neighbours? Sign up to receive the daily Lovefast updates at

Some comments from people following Lovefast:

“The daily email helped me not to forget!”

“Lovefast has helped me to notice more Muslims in the crowd each day!

“I have learned a lot.”

“It’s great to feel part of a community of people who are reaching out with God’s love and praying together.”