Lovefast 1: Getting together

Lovefast prayer and action campaign from the Mahabba Network

Day 1 of 30

By Georgina from Mahabba's Network Team

Inspired by today's entry in 30 Days of Prayer, but with a UK twist!

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Daily verse

Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if anyone hears my voice, I will come in to him and eat with him and He with me.
— Revelation 3:20

Thought for the day

Doing things so we can be together

For the past 4 years Christian and Muslim women have been getting together in our town to read their scriptures, to enjoy food and do crafts together.

We've built up relationships that carried on beyond these activities in each other's homes. While the meetings were informal and enjoyable, they do take planning and initiative. Someone needs to take responsibility for booking a venue and printing texts and sourcing crafts.

As (western) Christian women we don't have a particular code of hospitality like the Fulani 'koddirgal.' We sometimes felt burdened by strategic planning for these meetings. However, this changed at one of our recent community events when one of the Muslim women gave us a new perspective.

We were drinking tea and reflecting on the way people seemed to connect in a natural way throughout the day. Her explanation was that 'We want to be together, so we do things.'

Her comment turned our expectations upside down: our aim is no longer the clever planning or the smooth running of events but the being together. My Muslim friend reminded me that Jesus wants to be with us, so he knocks on the door of our hearts to enter in (Rev. 3:20).

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, give me a heart of flesh that truly wants to be with people, so that our encounters may lead to them hearing you knocking at the door of their heart.

Daily action

Take time to really listen to someone over a cup of tea (or coffee). Simply find an excuse to 'be together'

Your turn

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