Prayer resources for the Night of Power

Prayer resources for the Night of Power

Prayer resources for the Night of Power

Many local Mahabba prayer groups put on a Night of Power prayer meeting each Ramadan, not to mention other church small groups. With this in mind, we have put together some resources to help you structure your time and provide some focal points.

If you have any recommendations or feedback, please leave a comment below!   



This is based on a PowerPoint developed by the Mahabba Cheltenham group for its prayer meeting on the Night of Power. It looks at themes of open heaven associated with this holiest night of Ramadan and John 1:51 - Jesus the link between God and humanity. The presenter notes can be found as comment 'bubbles' on each page of the PDF. The group used it to reflect on how Jesus presented Himself as Jacob’s ladder.


Prayercast videos

A series of videos that you can use to help you and your group focus your prayer time. Elliot in The Hub recommends the film on Ishmael, which can equally be used as the basis for prayer. 


Assorted web resources

Elliot in The Hub also put together these items from websites.


A prayer for The Night of Power

A Mahabba member commented that she really liked the Lovefast prayer for Night of Power, written by Gordon, which is equally good as a primer for prayer.

Father, tonight I am standing in unity and agreement with millions of fellow believers, and we thank you on this special night for an outpouring of your spirit across the whole Muslim world. As they seek you, will you reveal yourself to them in dreams and visions, and may countless millions have a life changing encounter with you, where they will come to know you as “Father” and Jesus as “Isa Al-Massih” - Jesus the Messiah
— Gordon