What are the best websites for Muslims seeking Jesus?

Image: Chen Yichun,  Unsplash

Image: Chen Yichun, Unsplash

What are the best websites for Muslims seeking Jesus?

Chris approached us, wanting to know about the best websites for Muslims who are seeking Jesus.

What are the best websites for Muslims seeking Jesus?

Dear Mahabba,

The internet is a great place to share faith with Muslims, wherever they are and with anonymity, which some may need.

Can you suggest where to direct Muslim friends so that they can explore the Christian faith further, view a testimony or an FAQ to address their burning question?

I would be interested in finding the best sites that offer any or all of the following:

  • Testimonies
  • Most ‘frequently asked questions’ addressed
  • A presentation of the Christian faith in a Muslim friendly style
  • Resources in different languages such as an online Bible
  • Ideally, it would be great to find this all on one site!




Our response

Hi Chris,

We asked our online community on The City, and had a good response with suggestions for you. Here we go!




  • A simple, versatile online and smartphone Bible (also known as YouVersion)
  • Features more translations – including ones that are easier for Muslims to understand like the Urdu Geo Version and Sharif Arabic Bible
  • Worth using its tools to hyperlink every Bible verse you quote in an e-mail, post on social media or a website


  • An online Muslim-friendly English Bible

www.biblegateway.com - CAUTION. SEE NOTE BELOW

  • Although Bible Gateway has a wide selection of translations, it is probably best for Christian use alone
  • Some of its adverts, which are pro-Israel or Zionist, could be viewed negatively by Muslims and be a distraction
  • Use with plenty of caution, or else we recommend other Bible sites
  • Thank you to Duncan for the cautionary note in the comments


    Presentation of Christian faith to Muslims


      • Al-Kitab Scripture Research Institute offers Muslim-friendly English Bible correspondence studies


      • A basic correspondence course for Muslims
      • One former Muslims commented on the word.org resource:
      I found it helpful to send to a Muslim friend who quoted from the Qur’an 19:36-37 that refers to God not needing a son. Rather than argue the point it was great to lovingly direct her to a resource where she can find out for herself

      Frequently asked questions


      • 'My favourite site', according to Sam!


      • A very good website with many articles and video clips giving apologetic lectures on the key subjects that Muslims often discuss
      • The website has most articles and some of the video clips in English, Bengali, Urdu, Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese



      • For testimonies this is hard to beat!


      • An interesting approach - 'the man in white'


      A comment from Fred (a former Muslim) on the online approach:

      A very good approach