Interfaith dialogue


Interfaith dialogue

A topic from the World Cafe session of the National Gathering 2017.

Interfaith should be faith-sharing and dialogue rather than mutual monologue!

Unity is important; create an inter-denominational base as a foundation to inter-religious dialogue (stronger together).

How do you get beyond superficiality to higher level of interfaith?

Is there an alternative to debate vs. dialogue?


  • Seek truth together
  • Mutual respect
  • Relationship-building
  • Seeking truth
  • Ask what they would like
  • Ask Questions, listen to answers, don't impose opinions
  • Breaking down barriers; building friendships and confidence
  • Issue of prayer - can this be joint?

Methods and techniques

  • Scriptural reasoning; Bible and Qur'an together
  • Meetings for Better Understanding (MBUs)
  • Dialogue groups creating safe space for conversations
  • Rules of engagement helpful - CMF Ethical Guidelines for sharing faith in Britain

Two models of Gospel proclamation

  • Road to Damascus - conversion experience
  • Road to Emmaus - conversation encounter

If you are involved in interfaith dialogue then it will mean going deeper into your own faith and becoming ‘deeply rooted and profoundly open’.

Start small, think big.