Eid 2: Pray

Lovefast prayer and action campaign from the Mahabba Network

Day 32 of 30

By Phil S from Mahabba’s Network Team

Daily verse

Pray without ceasing.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Thought for the day


We have now been praying for 30 days during the Ramadan fast.

This has focused on both the global through the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World guide (promoted in UK by Interserve) and also our own Mahabba Lovefast prayer and action campaign, which has had more of a local focus.

Muslims have ben fervently praying during this period.

They generally follow a pattern of five daily prayers (one of the five pillars of Islam), similar way to the Christian monastic tradition.

The Muslim call to prayer is called the adhan.

I have experienced it as incredibly beautiful when sung acapella in the mountains of Pakistan but also as a cacophony when played through loudspeakers in a mega-city.

But this Lovefast has also been a call to prayer. And we want to continue. To ‘pray without ceasing’.

Join in the Jumaa Prayer campaign every Friday at 12noon to continue praying for your Muslim friends and neighbours. We will be posting more look out for the hashtag #JumaaPrayer.

Prayer for the day

Join in the Jumaa prayer campaign every Friday at 12pm to continue praying for your Muslim friends and neighbours.

Daily action

Find out a good time to visit a Muslim friend and take them a gift, maybe some dates, or something halal. And don't forget to continue to pray. It makes all the difference. One way to continue is to join in with our Mahabba Jumaa prayer initiative.

Your turn

Let us know how it went! Leave a comment below, or tag us on social media with the #lovefast hashtag on social media. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter!


Do you want to involve your church in blessing Muslim people through prayer and friendship?

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  • Night of Power Prayer Meeting

  • Prayer Walk Guide

What’s your next step after 30 Days? There are loads of resources to help you on your journey.

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