Mahabba is reliant on generous donations from people like you to support our work in helping Christians share Jesus with Muslims and planting and establishing Mahabba groups.

If you would like to give via an alternative method (Stewardship, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal), please contact the office.

A Gift Aid form can be found here.

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Your support

£2.50 Pays the postage to supply a local Mahabba group with our flyers and material
£5 Covers one month’s subscription for a member on The City (online community platform)
£10 Provides the design work for a small publicity flyer
£20 Allows us to support a local Mahabba group with web and design work for community events
£50 Funds the costs of supporting the organisation of a Friendship First course in a city
£100 Allows us to visit a local group, providing advice, support, encouragement and practical help
£500 Enables us to print a year’s supply of printed material to support a new Mahabba group