Lovefast 12: Essence

Lovefast prayer and action campaign from the Mahabba Network

Lovefast 12: Essence

By Georgina from Mahabba's Network Team

Inspired by today's entry in 30 Days of Prayer, but with a UK twist!

Daily verse

May my prayer be set before you like incense;
may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.
— Psalm 141:2 New International Version (NIV)

Thought for the day


At a meeting where a Turkish woman was talking about namaaz, someone asked whether it’s unfair to exclude women from prayer at the mosque.

Other Muslim women attending the meeting responded with smiles that they enjoy the opportunity to have time to themselves with a break from family obligations. They also appreciate collective namaaz prayers as a time for friends to catch up with each other.

For them the bigger problem was to stay focused on God while they recite their prayers. They were much more worried by the fact that their minds tend to wander to mundane matters while they are at prayer, and that even prayer beads (tasbih) don’t always help.

Prayer is the essence of a life of faith; 1 Thessalonians 5:17 asks us to ‘pray without ceasing.’

What does that look like in your walk with God?

Prayer for the day

Father, may I yearn to be in your presence.

Daily action

Set a timer to remind you to pray 5 times today.

Your turn

Let us know how it went! Leave a comment below, or tag us on social media with the #lovefast hashtag on social media. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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