Sample Mahabba group coordinator role description

Sample Mahabba group coordinator role description

Note: this is an illustrative example only, and not a requirement or strict expectation. The role will look different in each locality, so this description is purely for reference.

Overall role

  • Lead the Mahabba group, coordinating its different functions, relating with local church leaders and seeking God for vision and direction


  • Pray for God’s work though the prayer group and seek his guidance
  • Ensure that the following functions are maintained and developed by the different task groups: Prayer
    • Flow of information
    • Financial record-keeping
    • Training programmes
    • Outreach/learning groups
  • Relationships with local churches and agencies, wider links in Britain, particularly with other Mahabba groups in the region and the Mahabba Network
  • Relate to the Advisory Group regularly through its chair, meeting as a group twice or three times a year
  • Manage, guide and encourage volunteer members within the prayer group, particularly the Core Team

Criteria for this role

Essential qualities

(Evident in your life, while not perfected)

  • Godly, teachable and accountable in personal life and ministry
  • Having an evangelical faith, but willing to work with churches of different denominations and styles
  • Able to inspire and encourage people who give their time as volunteers
  • Warm in personal relationships
  • Efficient and conscientious in administration and communication
  • Longing for Muslims to come to Christ and be built up in him
  • Love for the local church and commitment to working in and through local congregations
  • Having the credibility of several years’ experience of ministry with Muslim people
  • Some experience in leading a team, and in implementing vision and strategy

Desirable qualities

Would include:

  • Familiarity with local area
  • The ability to teach on Islam (but if not, facilitate an alternative)

Time Commitment

  • One and a half to two days a week [N.B. this is entirely dependent on the local situation and individual]


  • Would be by the Advisory Group of the local Mahabba prayer group, after interview
  • It would be for a minimum of one year, ideally for at least two


  • Depending on the local group, this might be in a volunteer spirit or a stipend, depending on need because the coordinator has to give more time than others
  • Generally, a Mahabba prayer groups does not have the structure to employ anyone

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