New Mahabba group in Dublin

Image: Jason Briscoe,  Unsplash . Dublin

Image: Jason Briscoe, Unsplash. Dublin

New Mahabba group in Dublin

One of the newest groups in the Mahabba Network has just launched in the Republic of Ireland.

This is particularly exciting, as there has been lots of demand from Ireland (Republic and North!) for some time, but no groups!

After the official launch of the group in Dublin, we had a very encouraging note.

Dear Mahabba,

There was a very encouraging meeting for prayer and discussion in Dublin today, organised by our coordinator.

I didn't actually count how many people were there, but I think it was over 20. There was a mix of people from the south of Ireland and from Northern Ireland.

We prayed for Muslims, and discussed approaches and resources for sharing the Good News with Muslims.

We are hoping to have a prayer gathering on a regular basis.

I would like to encourage those who came today to join the Mahabba Network. We would learn from what others are doing in other places, and be able to share our ideas and resources within Ireland.

Would it be possible to set up three groups in the Network - one for Dublin, one for Belfast, and one overarching regional one for all of Ireland?

If these specific groups were in place, then it might encourage most of the people to join. (There might also be demand for a third group in Cork.)

Our response

We are all in favour of three more groups, so if you are reading this and God is speaking to you, do get in touch!