Updates from the Network

Gordon continues to have good conversation about fundraising as we look into how Mahabba can grow beyond the UK. For the moment, he is taking some well earned rest with his wife, Rachel!

On the national, UK, stage, we are now up to about 45 groups with lots of new enquiries recently. A handful of them have resulted in groups being set up across the country, with a particular flurry in London.

The Network Team of Regional Facilitators is also gearing up for a team day in August, which will be helpful for planning as we enter the busy Autumn period.

The Hub has been busy with lots of things, as usual, but has been distributing leaflets for the new Friends of Mahabba initiative to all the coordinators of local Mahabba prayer groups. If you received one, do consider becoming a Friend of Mahabba!

We've been encouraged by an enquiry in Carlisle recently, which is an area devoid of any groups at the moment. Elsewhere in the North West, there have been lots of encouraging stories of conversations with imams, Friendship First courses scheduled and even a BBQ for groups in the Manchester area!

Equally, in the East, God has been working in the local Pakistani community. One local Muslim has been seeking Jesus in a big way and come to church. We're really praying and having faith for an overdue breakthrough among Pakistanis.

Further south, there has been new growth in the Basingstoke-Newbury area, and one enquiry commented: ‘I saw on a recent shopping visit that there seem to be more Muslims in Newbury than in Basingstoke.’ Good then that a group is getting started!

Also of note is a follow up event to the Mahabba training day that happened in Croydon. This is planned for November in Woking with the possibility of involvement from the diocese.

Finally, we wrap up in the west region, where there is now a second Mahabba group in the Bristol area.

So many encouragements - God is on the move!