Elliot's Roundup: The hate preacher, the gay wedding and the baker

image credit: flickr Jamie Anderson

For those convinced that every Muslim is a terrorist, just try reading the news. My search came up with a few different stories. A radio station suspended for broadcasting al Qaeda recruiter's speeches, possibly the first Muslim gay wedding in the UK, and Nadia's thoughts about appearing on the Bake Off.

Twenty five hours of speeches by "the Bin Laden of the internet" were played on a Muslim radio station based in Sheffield during Ramadan.  After a complaint received about Anwar Al-Awlaki the watchdog Ofcom made the judgement that the lectures:

“amounted to a direct call to action to members of the Muslim community to prepare for and carry out violent action against non-Muslim people”.
— http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/iman-fc-muslim-radio-station-sheffield-al-qaeda-anwar-al-awlaki-charlie-hebdo-hate-speech-jihadi-a7830256.html

Jahed Choudhury and Sean Rogan have been recently got married in Walsall. Their wedding has been reported as the first gay Muslim wedding in the UK.(although another gay couple- one of whom is Muslim married in Birmingham in October last year.)  Jaheed  has married after being bullied at school ,barred from attending the Mosque and attempting suicide because of his sexuality.

Now married and very much in love, the couple, who recently returned from their honeymoon in Spain, said they hope to show the world “that you can be gay and Muslim”.
— http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/uk-first-gay-muslim-marriage-jahed-choudhury-and-sean-rogan_uk_59648e64e4b03f144e2d4e67

They have recieved a lot of online abuse since getting married.  Many comments have been made online such as: 

“Just putting asian costumes doesn’t make it a Muslim marriage, there is no concept of gay marriage in Islam.
Another said: “They are not Muslims, we don’t have gays and lesbians.”
— http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/muslim-gay-wedding-couple-uk-first-online-abuse-jahed-choudhury-sean-rogan-walsall-west-midlands-a7836936.html

Nadia Hussain, winner of The Great British Bake Off 2015, has also been in the news this week. The article mentions the negativity and aggression she felt before appearing on The Great British Bake Off.  Although apprehensive of being the "token Muslim" on the programme. 

“We are so much more accepting than that: I never realised Britain had such open arms”... and realised “what a lovely country I live in”.
— http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2017/07/11/nadiya-hussain-felt-like-token-muslim-bake/

Is every Muslim a terrorist? Is every Muslim opposed of gay marriage? Has every Muslim baked cakes for the Queen?  Perhaps its time to let go of some of our stereotypes and get to know some of the individuals around us who happen to be Muslims.  

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