Following the star


Following the star

This is a real-life story of recent events from a friend of Mahabba. Names and details have been deliberately removed to protect the identity of those involved, but praise God - he is working in the lives of Muslims to reveal Jesus!

An unexpected opportunity

I had been working on a Christmas tract for Muslims called, 'Following the star', but did not expect such a rapid opportunity to use it!

The very day I received the print-ready version from the publisher, I dropped in to visit some newcomers studying English as a second language at my local church.

I went with my two-year old grandson, Tom, with the intention of befriending and engaging the students in simple conversation.

There were three Muslim ladies at the table and a two year old named Mina who
was not at all shy.

The initial conversation centred around the two children. We introduced them to each other while they were eating.

Mina's mother Rachida was drawn into this conversation as well as the other two Arabic speaking women.

What happened next was rather amazing. Mina crawled across the table towards me with a beaming smile and offered me a taste of her tiny star shaped snacks.

I asked her mother (who knows very little English), 

What is this in Arabic?

as I showed her the star.

After consulting with her friends, Rachida replied,


To cut a long story short, I then showed them the proof of the Christmas tract which I had received earlier.

Highlighted in the centre of the short article, 'Following the star', was a large yellow star.

They seemed open to hearing the story about the wise men who sighted the star of Bethlehem in the future.

Undoubtedly they will become even more curious as we draw closer to the time of celebrating Christ's birth.

We plan to serve a Christmas lunch to their class along with a reading of the Christmas story from Matthew 2:1-11 in Arabic, telling the story of the magi who followed the star in search of the newborn king.

If you would like to get hold of this tract, you can download it via Answering Islam as well as read more on its website.


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