How to engage church leaders in reaching Muslims

Image: Mathias Jensen,  Unsplash

Image: Mathias Jensen, Unsplash

How to engage church leaders in reaching Muslims

A topic from the World Cafe session of the National Gathering 2017.

  • General comment that this was ‘difficult to do’
  • Reason put down to the busyness of church leaders
  • Not perceived as an issue for their particular congregations


  • Meet with local Imams; leaders often carry more weight in eyes of community
  • Help to promote social cohesion, e.g. Refugee/Syrian resettlement programme
  • Arrange events to which Muslims can be invited
  • Pastor to pastor is more effective. Help leaders who are on board to be ambassadors with peers
  • See where God is working in your locality, and show how we may join Him
  • Don’t ask them to do anything/take on more. Discuss initiatives but offer to do them/coordinate them yourself
  • Draw on, and promote, the power of prayer