Lovefast 24: Seek

Lovefast prayer and action campaign from the Mahabba Network

Day 24 of 30

By Ted from Mahabba's Network Team

Inspired by today's entry in 30 Days of Prayer, but with a UK twist!

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Daily verse

For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.
— 1 Timothy 2:5 New International Version - UK (NIVUK)

Thought for the day


“This is the highlight of my week,”

remarked a young bearded man of Pakistani heritage.

“I would not miss it for anything.”

He was at a gathering of the mureeds (disciples) of a Sufi Sheikh. In a borrowed hall, they gathered to sing their way through an Arabic litany.

They sang stirring hymns, listened to a short exhortation from one of their members and enjoyed a meal together.

For tourists abroad, Sufism is associated with the gilded tombs of mystics long dead, but Sufism is alive and well and thriving in the UK.

Sufi Muslims believe that knowing God is possible and that access to grace and blessing is given through sheikhs who guide those who believe in them.

All that they seek, God has given in Christ but they do not know it.

Prayer for the day

Thank God for all we have in Christ and ask him for opportunities to share it with the spiritually hungry.

Daily action

Think how you would describe all that ‘the man Christ Jesus’ has done and is doing for you and ask God for an opportunity to share it.

Your turn

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