Qur'an: friend or foe?

Image: metropolislights,  Flickr

Image: metropolislights, Flickr

Qur'an: friend or foe?

A topic from the World Cafe session of the National Gathering 2017.


  • Muslims believe Bible has been corrupted
  • Our interpretations may be misused/turned against us
  • If we start using Qur'an to quote anything of God, it may damage Christians
  • We may not have enough knowledge of the Qur'an to engage fruitfully


  • Muslims not encouraged to ask questions in their own tradition, appreciate the opportunity to discuss and learn
  • Gives us chance to explain meaning and challenge preconceptions of corruption
  • Opportunity for Muslims to learn about meaning of Qur'an and contradictions between it and traditions
  • There is more about Jesus than Muhammad in Qur'an
  • Chance to let the Bible tell its own story