I called on the name of Jesus

I called on the name of Jesus

This is the story of a member of a local Mahabba prayer group who has seen God move in the life of a Muslim from the local Pakistani community. This is a true story and happened recently in a city in the UK.

I met with a local Pakistani man who'd contacted a local church through their website.

He explained that as he'd begun to study Islam for himself the more he'd been put off.

He told me that it's the same for many others he knows.

He was thinking of becoming an atheist when a dream of Jesus started him on a quest to explore the Christian faith.

To begin with, he spent a lot of time talking with Jehovah's Witnesses, but found aspects of their faith quite off putting.

A few days before we met for coffee he'd had another dream.

He was being attacked by witches and evil spirits but repeating the Islamic statement of faith was having no effect.

In desperation he called on the name of Jesus to save him and the evil presences fled away.

He woke feeling shaken but determined to find out more.

He's keen to come and visit our church on Sunday and meet other believers from a Muslim background.