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Mahabba helps everyday Christians engage positively with Muslims, by facilitating opportunities to pray, increase understanding of Muslims and Islam and get equipped to share Jesus with Muslims locally.
— Our vision

We have a network of many groups in multiple cities around the UK, and partner across church denominations to work in unity to break down fear and equip people locally.



‘Loving all Muslims’

Our tagline reflects our focus on helping everyday people to engage positively with Muslims in our communities, seeking common ground and demonstrating the love of Jesus to them.
In this short video, Gordon Hickson, founding member of Mahabba Network, explains what Mahabba love is.



The Mahabba Network is a charity that helps everyday Christians and the church engage positively with Muslims through facilitating prayer and action.

Mahabba’s goal is to see Christians from all walks of life and across the denominations coming together in local groups for prayer and encouragement, and then building relationships with Muslims in their communities.
To date, Mahabba has established a network of over 50 local groups around the UK (and increasingly beyond), which meet regularly and are involved with a variety of local projects and ministries.



  • Over 50 groups to date around the UK

  • Established in Oxford in 2005

  • Formally registered as a charity in 2012

  • Made up of a Board of Trustees, Executive Team, Network Team and a Hub (office)

  • Focussed on being prayer-led and relational

  • Runs an annual prayer and action campaign called #Lovefast

  • The Hub is hosted by a local Derby church where we have run an internship

  • Facilitates regular regional and national gatherings

  • Was involved with the running of the 2015 Hope for Muslims tour to engage Christians with Muslims