About us – all things Mahabba. Find out who we are, what we do and what makes us tick.

Our vision

To see ministry among people of Muslim heritage as a normal part of church life

This is the picture of the future that inspires and drives. The Mahabba Network realising and fulfilling its mission will be churches engaging.

Our strapline

Loving all Muslims

This is also one of our core values, and is outworked through a wide range of expressions, but always with grace and truth.

Our mission

Wherever the network exists it is expressed and outworked in:

A relational network giving people of Muslim heritage the opportunity to find and follow Jesus

A thriving network is relating, encouraging, sharing, learning from one another; initiatives, ideas, inspiration from the grass-roots.

Encouraging prayer

Helping to grow regular, persistent prayer for Muslims (core value of persistent prayer).

Enabling all Christians

Helping to see the opportunities, grow in confidence, build friendships and share Jesus with Muslims (core value of mobilising ‘everyday’ Christians).

Envisioning the Christian community

Inspiring with what God is doing and helping church leaders see their vision fulfilled for Muslims following Jesus (core value of championed by church leaders, in unity).

Engaging with Muslims

Building bridges with local Muslim communities, reaching out in love, sharing Jesus and making disciples who reach their own community (core value of growing disciples).

Our desired impact

What will it look like for those things to be outworked? What outcomes are being believed for?

Prayer encouraged

Prayer increasing. Churches / ‘everyday’ Christians alive in prayer (for example, thriving prayer meetings, prayer events and initiatives, prayer walking).

‘Non specialist’ Christians enabled

Churches / ‘everyday’ Christians growing in awareness, overcoming fears, equipped.

Leaders / churches envisioned

Church leaders envisioned. Mahabba the ‘go to’ place for leaders. Younger generation taking a lead. Fruitful partnerships

Muslims and communities engaged

Churches / ‘everyday’ Christians engaged in witness. BMBs discipled and discipling their own communities, disciples / church communities multiplying.

Network relating

The network thriving, sharing, resourcing, growing / reproducing from the edges (for example, conversations on Discourse, Clusters forming). Effective catalysts, champions, coordinators.

The value we add

The network:

Champions the missional process

From engagement (e.g. MBUs; Scriptural Reasoning etc), through witness (culturally and theologically appropriate transmission of the gospel) and spiritual nurture (culturally appropriate and theologically focused process) to culturally appropriate fellowship (safeguarding the needs of new believers).

Is a one-stop-shop

For advice, support, training, fuel for prayer, and/or supply of resources - from engagement (egs Prophets’ Stories; Al-Massira…) through witness (eg Friendship First) and spiritual nurture (eg CFM) to culturally inclusive fellowship (eg JtF).

Provides a platform

For Evangelicals, from a variety of perspectives, to stand together for a ‘grace and truth’ attitude and response to Muslim people.

Is rooted in prayer

And links the needs among Muslims into other prayer networks.

Is an organic network

Rather than an organisation or agency.

Is for non-specialist Christians

And centred on the local church.