How to answer key questions from Muslims

Image: Emily Morter,  Unsplash

Image: Emily Morter, Unsplash

How to answer key questions from Muslims

Denise has been building relationships with Muslims, and sent in the following question, wanting to know how she can bring her faith into conversations with grace and truth.

How can I get equipped to ask - and answer - the right questions when talking to Muslims?

Dear Mahabba,

I have a good Muslim friend, and we have been talking about faith and building friendship for several years. I was recently invited to the mosque open day, and spoke to the imam and my friends for two hours.

However, although I came away feeling much more informed, I felt ill-equipped to ask the right questions - especially to do with the fundamental differences between Islam and Christianity.

These included, the sonship and divinity of Jesus;  the Trinity; reliability of the Qur'an and Bible; and more besides!

Can you help or point me in the right direction? I would really appreciate it!

Many thanks,



Our response

Hi Denise,

Thanks again for your message, and great to hear that you are building relationships and have been able to visit your local mosque successfully.

In terms of your questions, there are a handful of suggestions:

  1. Connect with someone at your local Mahabba group
  2. Browse the helpful articles on Christianity Explained website
  3. Join The City and enquire of others there
  4. Connect with Applied Biblical Christianity (ABC)

Local Mahabba group

There are individuals in local Mahabba groups who are doing exactly the same things as you and working through the same challenges. A local group is an excellent place to get support from others with more experience.


Christianity Explained website

There are many websites available with articles and resources on how to answer common questions and points raised by Muslims. Check out the articles on explaining Christianity to Muslims and various hot topics.


Join The City

You can also apply to join The City, the Mahabba online community area, where you can pick the brains of lots of other Christians who are engaged in the same issues as you. This is good if there is no local group near you, and there is a wider pool of people to ask.


Connect with ABC

Acts of kindness definitely help to build new relationships, but what do you do when the Qur'an says:

Jesus did not die on the cross, neither was he the Son of God, the third person of the Trinity, or God

'How to share the Gospel with Muslims' is a useful document from ABC which can help lead to opportunities to share the Gospel, as well as answering the usual questions.

Also available from ABC as a PowerPoint for teaching in small groups or churches. [N.B. scroll to bottom of downloads page.]

I hope that helps!

Let me know if you need any further help,