Lovefast out 🎤

Lovefast out 🎤

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Participants' stories

Lovefast 18 (Ties) suggested we seek to pray with a Muslim. I told the Lord I was willing, but didn’t know any Muslims. However, God responded to my willingness and brought in a very needy lady to our Church coffee morning who just happened to be a Muslim. We had a very good chat. As she poured out her heart I offered prayer. It turned out her Father is an imam, but she nervously allowed prayer. I am hoping she will come again.
I am really enjoying praying through the 30 Days of Prayer book and reading your Lovefast e-mails. I have been able to speak to some Muslims and some new converts from Iran, who have requested prayer. Be encouraged! I avidly read the information given. Thank you for your ministry.
Today I received a prayer request for a Muslim young man in Iran who is addicted to hashish, and for his father who desperately wants his son to give up the drugs. His brother has become a Christian and is making the request
I have lots of conversations with Muslims and pray with them regularly, even if they don’t believe in Jesus. Some have been baptised. Nearby we have seen many Iranians in particular (you won’t be surprised!) pray to receive Jesus and be baptised.

Comments on the blog

Many thanks for this thoughtful bulletin.
Lovefast day 1 done... Got to keep prejudicial thoughts at bay... and remember Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis that they too where set apart by God and their descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Especially after Manchester it’s so easy to judge and condemn an entire religion... when in reality that task is only God’s place to do so. I must remember these people... and just pray for my witness of salvation through the blood of Jesus.

Most popular entry

Outside the first week, which normally attracts the highest engagement levels (while the campaign is still novel) Lovefast 11: Terror on 6 June was the most popular day. This followed the terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market, so struck a chord, and we hope gave encouragement to respond in a positive way.