Who's who in Mahabba is ultimately about the everyday Christians in local prayer groups, building relationships and sharing Jesus on the ground.
However, to keep the cogs turning within the charity as a whole, there are a handful of teams from trustees to the management team.
These teams try to be as unobtrusive as possible to keep the focus on the grassroots movement, but help along the way with new groups, legal requirements and fundraising, among other things.

There are groups dotted around England, Wales and Scotland in multiple cities, each with its own local coordinator who acts as the focal point for bringing people together in prayer.
The local coordinator will be your first port of call if you get in touch with a group near you.
Overall, the coordinator will lead the Mahabba group, coordinate its different functions, relate with local church leaders and seek God for vision and direction.

Find out where your local group is and get in touch.

The Hub is basically the main central office for the Mahabba Network.

When you get in touch via the website or social media, you will most likely encounter someone in The Hub.

The Hub handles the bulk of things to do with day-to-day admin, communications, finance and fundraising. It also relates closely to local Mahabba prayer group coordinators and other teams.


The Network Team is comprised of a Regional Facilitator from each regional grouping of Mahabba groups, each of whom provides assistance to the local Mahabba groups in a particular area.
Currently there are five Regional Facilitators on the Network Team, covering the North West, East, South, West & Wales and London.

Each Facilitator is focussed on supporting the regions, and the Team meets regularly during the month.

South - Phil S
Central & East - Phil G
West & Wales - Georgina
Birmingham - Karamat
London - Chas
National Development - Phil G
Strategy - Steve

North West - vacant

North East - vacant

We also have John in Scotland who helps convene groups and prayer, although is not formally part of the Network Team

The Executive Team is essentially the management team for Mahabba, and looks after all the nitty gritty that keeps Mahabba as a charity going.
It is made up of representatives from the Board, Network Team and The Hub, and meets multiple times a month, whether in person or virtually.

Chairman, Board

Company Secretary, Hub Manager

Treasurer, Board

Phil S
Network Team

Phil G
National Development


The Trustees manage, guide and encourage volunteer members within Mahabba, particularly the core teams.
They meet once a quarter on average, and oversee the control and management of the administration, report annually to the Charity Commission, ensure compliance with legal framework, ensure the financial integrity of Mahabba.
Up-to-date details of the Board of Trustees can be found on the Charities Commission website

The Baroness Cox

The Baroness Cox, Caroline Anne Cox is a member of the House of Lords

George Verwer

George Verwer is the Founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilisation

Lynn Green

Lynn Green is the former chairman of YWAM


Toby Howarth

Reverend Dr Toby Matthew Howarth is Bishop of Bradford

Lord Anderson

The Rt Hon. the Lord Anderson of Swansea served as an Labour MP before becoming a member of the House of Lords

The Lord Hylton

The Lord Hylton, Raymond Hervey Jolliffe, 5th Baron Hylton, ARICS, DL is a member of the House of Lords


John Glen MP

John Glen is the Conservative MP for Salisbury

Lord McColl

Ian McColl, Baron McColl of Dulwich, CBE is a British surgeon, professor, politician and Conservative member of the House of Lords