How do I start a Mahabba group?

How do I start a Mahabba group?

How do I start a Mahabba group?

It's dead easy, so don't worry! We've listed six simple steps below that we recommend you take.

Step One

Step Two

  • Contact The Hub (Mahabba's central office) and ask to be put in touch with your nearest Regional Facilitator
  • One of our friendly reps will then help you take the next steps to start a local Mahabba prayer group and support you as you develops and grow

Step Three


  • Gather people into your local Mahabba prayer group
  • This relies on God, so it has to begin and be sustained by, persistent prayer
  • Don’t worry if it starts with only a few people
  • Keep making the group known and invite new people to join you
  • It is better to have a few committed people then many who are not

Get support

  • Seek to get the backing of local church leaders
  • Invite people from different local churches to participate
  • Mahabba works best as an activity of the wider church in your area, not only your local church

Build team

  • Designate someone, or better two or three people to coordinate the prayer meetings and other activities that emerge later from the prayer group

Be regular

  • Set a regular time to meet as a local Mahabba prayer group
  • Some Mahabba groups meet weekly, some monthly
  • The frequency is up to you, but it’s good to be persistent in prayer
  • There is no set way of praying, but again there are a few guidelines:
    1. We pray with the motivation of the love of God for Muslims
    2. Pray for everyday church member’s contacts
    3. Pray for the work among Muslims in the local area
    4. Pray for national and international prayer needs

For more ideas on how to inspire prayer in your group, see the following blog: