Elliot's weekly roundup: How not to celebrate Easter

image credit: flickr aloush

image credit: flickr aloush

What' in the news this week? Clothes, photos, comedy and how not to celebrate Easter.

New York Hijabis, available on i player, gave an insight into the world of modest fashion in America. Fabian Muir's exhibition entitled Urban Burqa has been in the news. The exhibition showing a series burqa images in an urban setting as a critique of the far right, populist opinion, and Islamophobia. 

49% of Australians in a 2016 poll supported a ban on Muslims entering the country.


Comedienne  Maysoon Zayid has also shared her experience on being a disabled Muslim American on BBC Radio 4 programme Litter from America this week. In the wake of 9/11 she decided to use humour to fight against stereotypes and established the Arab American Comedy Festival. She is also one of the most watched TED presenters of all time.


The bigots like to attack me on twitter...

If you did this in your country, you would be beheaded!
You mean New Jersey?


She continues by saying: "There are millions of people who really despise people like me, who are not white, who are not Christian, who are not able bodied..." Let's not be one of that group. Also let's not take the approach taken recently in Birmingham, supposedly to do with Easter, where large crosses were held and "Jesus be with you" shouted by extremist groups. Instead we will choose to live out the love of Jesus to those around us.

"What if the church was again known for being the people who love their cities and the people in them the most?"

Staying is the New Going

Happy Easter!