Elliot's weekly roundup: Bacon isn't Kryptonite

Image credit: Andrew Ridley,

Image credit: Andrew Ridley,

This week's media trawl has revealed a warning, criticism and that bacon isn't Kryptonite. If that is confusing read on...

The Church of England is warning against allowing children to be withdrawn from school RE lessons and learning about Islam. It claims that withdrawing children will hinder people from developing skills that will will be needed for living well together as adults.

Parents should be banned from withdrawing their children from religious education classes because they are preventing pupils from learning about Islam, the Church of England has warned.
Holding an election during Ramadan means there could be a disproportionate effect on voter turnout in those constituencies with a sizeable Muslim population.

If anyone thinks that their ability to go and vote will be affected, I urge them to register for a postal vote.

Finally Cambridgeshire police have launched an investigation into a hate crime as bacon was left on a car door handle of a car belonging to a Muslim. This action gave rise to comments such as,

Bacon isn’t kryptonite for Muslims

Kryptonite is the fictional material that has power over fictional comic book hero Superman.

Lots of misunderstandings this week to do with education, the democratic process and pork products. Let's take the time to try and understand those around us so we can share Jesus more effectively.