Book review: 'Alabaster', Chris Aslan


Book review: 'Alabaster', Chris Aslan

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Riz, from Across Woking (Mahabba Woking)

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I've just finished the book by Chris Aslan which I really enjoyed.

I found it to be an easy read and what I liked most was that it was so good at transporting you to a different culture yet you were still able to identify with the characters in the story because of the similarities we share through the human condition.

We can all identify with the emotional struggles these women face in terms of rejection, the pressure to conform, shame, physical hardship and much more.

The joy and turning point in this book is when we are led to the hope that exists in the teacher's grace and gentleness and not through the religiosity of the village elders advocating striving through works for the Lord’s favour.

It’s not overtly Christian, but as a believer I can see how this book could benefit readers by highlighting the difference between living life with a heavy yoke as opposed to the invitation to live life with a yoke that is light and free from burden.

It’s a great read for young women (Muslim or other) who do not yet know their true position in Christ.

As a believer, I enjoyed making the connections between the characters in the story with the Biblical characters and how subtle the writer was in introducing them into this story.


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