A specific area for local Mahabba group coordinators, including things that are helpful and useful!

This area is under construction and further items will be added in due course



Help us improve how we serve you as local coordinators from The Hub and Regional Facilitators. Comments, feedback or questions are welcome.


Group life

A brief introduction to who Mahabba is, what it does, why it exists and how to get started

Our model of expectations for those operating locally and nationally


Group webpages



Mahabba groups

Latest prayer news and requests from other Mahabba groups on The City


One-page prayer sheets with information and prayer points

Long version

Short version

Ramadan/Night of Power

Suggestions and resources to help you and your group pray for Muslims on the most holy night of Ramadan, the Night of Power.




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Network Survey

Results from the 2016 Network Survey which aimed to gauge how the Mahabba Network was doing