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Understanding Islam and Christian relationships seminar

  • Cairns Road Baptist Church Bristol, BS6 7TH United Kingdom (map)


Qur’an in the Light of Christ

Saturday 9 September 2017
10:30am to 3:30pm
Cairns Road Baptist Church, Bristol, BS6 7TH

A unique opportunity to learn about Islam from a Biblical perspective and how to relate to Muslims

The seminar is presented by Dr. Ron George who has worked in North Africa, Iran, India and other lands. He has a doctorate in Intercultural studies and is passionate about understanding Islam as well as our own faith. He first started with Operation Mobilisation in  1962 and continues to teach and train missionaries today.

One of the key current issues is that of Islam in the 21st Century. Ron George has delivered two superb seminars on this theme for my fellowship. He combines knowledge, expert communication skills and a love for Christ and for Muslims without compromise. I have no hesitation in recommending Ron as an academic who can
speak to the layman and is a missionary who is always listening and learning.
— Rev Jack Lamb, Belfast

Seminar content

  • Understanding the Christian environment in Pre- Islamic Arabia and its impact on the formation of Islam
  • The Biblical basis of Islam: two children – Isaac and Ishmael – and the result of their family background
  • Sources of knowledge in Islam and their Biblical equivalents
  • Felt needs within the Muslim community and the Biblical equivalents
  • Changing Biblical approaches to mission as a result of over 200 years of practice and application of the Bible
  • Abraham, Sarai, Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael; a family of faith being God's model and His covenant to them as it appears today
  • What the future holds and God's plans for the world; understanding the Gospel in the Old Testament

Seminar Sessions

  1. Biblical considerations: God’s plan, concern for the nations
  2. Mission considerations: Identity and indigenisation
  3. Islam, its form and faith: Robin Hood syndrome, Petra, felt needs

Seminar arrangements

  • Registration at 10:30am
  • First session starts at 10:45am
  • Please bring your own lunch
  • Coffee and tea provided
  • Admission is free


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