The City FAQs

What is The City & why use it?

  • The City provides an online space where members of Mahabba prayer groups can connect and network. This might include discussion topics on current issues, prayer requests or to publicise local or regional events
  • The City is a good way to get in touch with others in the Network, even those in a different country or continent, so newcomers can quickly get to know like-minded people
  • A user of The City can choose how much information he receives in his e-mail inbox, and how often it arrives. Some like to stay on top of every update while others prefer to get a daily summary; The City makes this possible
  • The City will be used by the Communications Hub to make users aware of events and news of particular significance, so it is well worth while being on board so as not to miss out
  • Users can list their interests and areas of gifting in their profiles so that The City becomes a useful resource hub and tool

Is The City moderated?

  • At present, The City is not moderated and there are no rules as such. We ask that when you register, you adhere to guidelines for posting and be sensitive about security and respecting other users
  • You can read them below online or download a copy for your records

Why is it called ‘The City’?

  • The name comes from the book of Matthew, in which Jesus tells his followers, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14)

What The City isn’t…

  • The City is not owned by Mahabba. It is a product maintained and delivered by ACS Technologies
  • The City isn’t Facebook. Whereas Facebook is designed for individual expression (‘I just had toast for breakfast!’), The City is designed to facilitate community. It’s a communication tool to help members connect with each other
  • While there are some areas of overlap between The City and Facebook (the ability to designate someone as a ‘friend’, for example), Facebook and The City were designed for two completely different purposes

Privacy, Data & security

  • The City is designed to be a trusted place where participants can communicate with other members of their group. By default, any content you post in a group is restricted to members of that group. Others cannot access content created within a group without joining the group
  • Your data on The City is stored securely by ACS on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • The ACS Security & Privacy Policy can be found here
  • We operate a privacy notice in line with data protection legislation (GDPR) when we process applications to join The City

How do I create an account on The City?

  • All users of The City must fill in an application form before being invited to join
  • Once this has been processed, you will receive an invitation to join The City. If you haven’t already received your invitation e-mail, contact the Mahabba office

How do I access The City?

  • Once you have registered and set up your login and password details, you can simply navigate to the Mahabba URL for The City