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Start a group

If there is no group in your area or nearby, but you want to gather people to pray for Muslims, we want to hear from you!
We are able to support and advise you as you get up and running.
As above, there are no rules and regulations, but we do ask that you adhere to our Common Commitment, which we will run through with you.

Here’s how:

  • Pray as God expands your heart for Muslim people in your area
  • Find those with similar vision, build relationships, and start praying together
  • Connect with those around you and what’s already going on
  • Get organised to help things get going
  • Communicate about what’s going on
  • Launch your local group publicly


Our internship is a great way to find out more about Muslims and Islam; get involved with local projects; and contribute to the move of God among Muslims.

We run the placement in Derby, East Midlands, in partnership with Community Church Derby, a thriving multi-cultural church, which is very active in the community.

Derby itself is extremely diverse and the perfect place to work, live and learn with a view to cross-cultural work.

During the year, there are also opportunities to learn about business administration, communications (including social media) and pick up valuable experience in administration.