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Coordinator's Area

We have put together a dedicated area for local coordinators with resources and materials most in demand from you. Do make it a regular port of call and let us know what we can add or change.


The City

This is a great learning community, and is Mahabba's online community area, with news, encouragements and networking opportunities. Do encourage members of your local group to sign up.

We think these threads may be of interest:

Find out more about The City and how to register and access.



Direct feedback from coordinators has highlighted a need for more locally-focussed prayer resources balanced with items from elsewhere around the UK.



As the Hub we really want to respond to what you need, but here are a few things that we can offer to support you and your group:

  1. Dedicated webpage on the website with local information about your group (e.g.,
  2. Mahabba e-mail for your group to keep your Mahabba comms separate (e.g.,
  3. Access and help with using The City – Mahabba’s online community forum
  4. Paperwork – letterheads, flyers, complements slips, PowerPoint template
  5. Copies of the Short Guide to hand out
  6. Publicity materials for Friendship First to run a course locally

And much, much more besides – just give us a call, e-mail or text!


Anything else?

Help us help you - do leave your feedback to help us improve how we support you.


About us

The Hub exists to come alongside you and offer a central point in the Mahabba Network to connect with others, get practical help and communicate news.

In the Hub we have Simon (Monday to Friday) and Elliot (Thursdays), so do feel free to contact us at any point.