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Our vision is to see networks of churches and Christians partnering together locally to reach out with love to their Muslim neighbours.
We want to see large numbers of Muslim people encountering Jesus, becoming followers and joining local fellowships


Mission statement

To motivate and mobilise ordinary Christians to love their Muslim neighbours in word and deed, and to help churches to mentor and multiply dynamic communities of disciples.


Our beliefs

Mahabba is affiliated to Global Connections, through CRIB (Christian Responses to Islam in Britain), and is a member of the Evangelical Alliance, so believes in its Basis of Faith.

Mahabba respects the right of both Christians and Muslims to freely propagate their faith through loving and peaceful interaction.

It draws inspiration from the Christian-Muslim Forum's Ethical Guidelines for Witness and the Grace and Truth Affirmation.


Core Values

  • Persistent prayer
  • Love for Muslim people
  • Mobilising everyday Christians
  • Being championed by church leaders in unity
  • Seeing growing believers from a Muslim background

Our impact

  • Christians with an increased passion for prayer and love for Muslims
  • People are equipped with a deeper awareness of Islam and culture
  • Everyday people are able to build friendships with Muslims confidently
  • Connecting individuals across cities and with a wider network

More on Mahabba internationally

Mahabba is registered officially as ‘Mahabba Network International MNI’, as we have a vision to see prayer and action spread beyond the UK.
There has also been lots of interest in Mahabba in Europe and beyond, and here is a current snapshot:

  • Established in three European countries: France, Belgium and Norway
  • Serious interest in nine other countries
  • Links in Korea, India and Australia with a view to launching Mahabba groups in country
  • The Short Guide to Mahabba has now been translated into French, Norwegian, with Austrian German in development
  • Personal connections with at least 50 church leaders, prayer network and agency directors
  • Good links with the major prayer networks in North America, Canada South Africa and Australia