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Christians & Muslims in Public Life: A study day for Christians


Christians & Muslims in Public Life: A study day for Christians

‘Christians, Muslims & the law in Britain’           

Save the date -  Wednesday 7 March, 10:30am - 5:00pm


What's the day all about?

The third Christians & Muslims in Public Life (CMPL) study day will take place on 7 March in London co-hosted by Christian Responses to Islam in Britain (CRIB) and the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford.

Speakers include Baroness Cox (House of Lords  and a Mahabba Network patron), Dr Russell Sandberg (Cardiff University) and Harry Benson (Marriage Foundation), and may include a Muslim speaker.

The aim of the workshop is to enable Christians, largely from a range of evangelical perspectives, to do some internal processing, discussing a number of questions raised by these topics.

It is expected that a range of Christian perspectives to be raised, reflecting the diversity and differing opinions within the Christian community.

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers and group discussion.


Where will it be held?

Please get in touch below for details about location.


What topics will be be discussed? 

Topic 1 – Christians, Muslims and the law – Baroness Cox and other speakers

What are the challenges facing both Christians and Muslims in the British legal system today?  What space should be made for religious conviction within a secular legal system?  How should Christians respond to the presence of Muslim legal traditions?  If Mona Siddiqui's report on shariah tribunals in Britain has been published by that date, then how do we assess it and respond?

Topic 2 – Christians, Muslims, family & marriage (TBC) – speakers (TBC)

In an increasingly liberal and chaotic secular environment what is the place of marriage and family?  What are the challenges facing Christian and Muslim views of marriage and family?  What are the implications of differing views of family and marriage between Christians and Muslims?


What else is there?

A second workshop will follow up these themes in the autumn with Dr Julian Rivers of Bristol University and other speakers. We will also look at religious freedom and the law.  Date TBD.


How do I register or find out more details?

Please e-mail the organiser directly.