Ramadan 2017
Jun 25

Ramadan 2017

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Find out how you can engage as a Christian through prayer and action.

Prophets Stories training day
9:45 am09:45

Prophets Stories training day

  • BMS International Mission Centre
Image: Pexels

Image: Pexels

Prophets Stories Training Day

  • Saturday 24 June
  • 9:45 am - 4:00 pm

  • BMS International Mission Centre, 24 Weoley Park Road, Birmingham, B29 6QX

  • £20

Prophet Stories is a new tool which enables groups of everyday Muslim and Christian people to talk about what we understand about God, through the listening and telling of the same prophet stories from the Qur’an and the Bible.

Ideal for those working in the context of church projects which serve Muslim people in their neighbourhood, Friendship Houses, or those who have opportunity to share faith conversations on a regular basis. It may also be useful in school settings.

The book includes session plans, notes on understanding biblical and Qur’anic texts, similarities and differences between the texts, exercises to encourage listening, pictures to help the telling of stories.

The day will be a seminar enabling practitioners to deliver this resource in their setting, including the toolkit to do so. Including training, the book and refreshment, it is a ‘bring your own lunch’ event.

Prophets Stories is sponsored by the Bible Society.


What is Prophets Stories?

  • Using the stories of the Prophets in grassroots Christian/Muslim dialogue
  • Giving each other the time, space and ‘hospitality’ of really listening to the ‘other Book’s’ story
  • Exploring through asking questions and reflecting together
  • Discovering new things about God rather that an expert teaching or ‘telling’ of the truth
  • A one day seminar enabling you to deliver this resource in your setting—toolkit provided
  • Assisting people to find their way into the Bible

What does the resource include?

  • Session Plans
  • Notes on understanding the biblical and Qur’anic texts
  • The similarities and differences
  • Exercises to encourage listening
  • Pictures to help the telling of the stories.
After Gospel sharing: Next steps with a Muslim friend
10:00 am10:00

After Gospel sharing: Next steps with a Muslim friend

  • Preston United Kingdom
Image: drinksmachine, Flickr Eid Milad-un-Nabi procession in Ribbleton, Preston, celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed  

Image: drinksmachine, Flickr
Eid Milad-un-Nabi procession in Ribbleton, Preston, celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed


After Gospel Sharing: Next Steps with a Muslim Friend

A half-day conference with Steve Bell in Preston
24 June 2017, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Organised by Mahabba Preston.

Steve Bell has been a practitioner, analyst and mission leader in the area of Islam and Christian witness for over 40 years. He will unpack how Jesus' commission is for us to 'gossip the gospel' and 'make disciples'. He will address the dilemma that, while many people of Muslim background are now hearing the good news, we are often unsure about what comes next.

The morning will be biblically based, interactive and practical and will answer questions such as:

  • How can we help Muslims build on what they know about Jesus?
  • How can we become a spiritual mentor to them?
  • What are the next steps that turn the relationship from witness to discipleship?


9:30am Doors open
10:00-11:30am Session 1 and interactive time
11:30-11:50am Refreshment/comfort break
11:50-1:00pm Session 2 and interactive time
1:00pm Close


A local church in Preston - get in touch for further details

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Jul 21

Mission and ministry in Muslim communities

  • Redcliffe College
Image: Nick Moralee, Flickr

Image: Nick Moralee, Flickr

Mission and ministry in Muslim communities

An advanced workshop from Redcliffe College in July 2017.

A week long teaching and workshop on 'Ministry in Muslim Contexts'.

This is aimed to resource those who are engaged in working with Muslims and want to reflect on the complexities and advances in this kind of work.


Topics include:

  • What is Islam; Forms of Islam
  • Socio-cultural dynamics
  • Contextualisation and Translation
  • Approaches to Scriptures
  • Jesus – taking a Jesus-focused approach
  • Missiological and evangelistic approaches
  • Gender issues
  • New Believers
  • Developing local theology
  • Persecution, advocacy and justice

This workshop is part of Redcliffe’s MA course, but is open to people who want to do a ministry audit or a university credit.

Its for those with good foundations in understanding Islam and are working in missional ministry in Muslim contexts.

For more info, contact Redcliffe College.

Understanding Islam and Christian relationships seminar
10:30 am10:30

Understanding Islam and Christian relationships seminar

  • Cairns Road Baptist Church


Qur’an in the Light of Christ

Saturday 9 September 2017
10:30am to 3:30pm
Cairns Road Baptist Church, Bristol, BS6 7TH

A unique opportunity to learn about Islam from a Biblical perspective and how to relate to Muslims

The seminar is presented by Dr. Ron George who has worked in North Africa, Iran, India and other lands. He has a doctorate in Intercultural studies and is passionate about understanding Islam as well as our own faith. He first started with Operation Mobilisation in  1962 and continues to teach and train missionaries today.

One of the key current issues is that of Islam in the 21st Century. Ron George has delivered two superb seminars on this theme for my fellowship. He combines knowledge, expert communication skills and a love for Christ and for Muslims without compromise. I have no hesitation in recommending Ron as an academic who can
speak to the layman and is a missionary who is always listening and learning.
— Rev Jack Lamb, Belfast

Seminar content

  • Understanding the Christian environment in Pre- Islamic Arabia and its impact on the formation of Islam
  • The Biblical basis of Islam: two children – Isaac and Ishmael – and the result of their family background
  • Sources of knowledge in Islam and their Biblical equivalents
  • Felt needs within the Muslim community and the Biblical equivalents
  • Changing Biblical approaches to mission as a result of over 200 years of practice and application of the Bible
  • Abraham, Sarai, Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael; a family of faith being God's model and His covenant to them as it appears today
  • What the future holds and God's plans for the world; understanding the Gospel in the Old Testament

Seminar Sessions

  1. Biblical considerations: God’s plan, concern for the nations
  2. Mission considerations: Identity and indigenisation
  3. Islam, its form and faith: Robin Hood syndrome, Petra, felt needs

Seminar arrangements

  • Registration at 10:30am
  • First session starts at 10:45am
  • Please bring your own lunch
  • Coffee and tea provided
  • Admission is free


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Sep 17

CRIB 2017: Changing Communities - Understanding and bringing change

Christian Responses to Islam in Britain

Changing Communities -  Understanding and bringing change

Through a series of three plenary sessions with related workshops, CRIB 2017 will look at:

  • The demographics and local realities of how Muslims are changing British communities
  • The ways in which we can bring change through evangelism, social action and prayer
  • The issues faced by those who choose to change community through conversion.

Our plenary speakers include:

  • Patrick Johnstone (Operation World)
  • The Rt Revd Dr Bill Musk (bishop and author)
  • Jonny Woodrow (The Crowded House Loughborough and Acts 29)

(Other details will be notified when confirmed.)

The CRIB Conference programme has been designed as a full weekend conference with Friday evening’s presentation being an essential introduction to the theme of the weekend.

The evenings provide an excellent opportunity for networking and learning from each other, with the early morning prayer times a special time with God at the start of our day together and so we would strongly encourage everyone to book for the full weekend and so benefit from the whole conference.

In addition to the speakers and plenary discussions there will be workshops, worship, networking opportunities and a chance to share your most useful resources and Kitab will bring a bookstall with the latest titles available.

Cost per person:

£160, Full Board
£65, Saturday day only (after breakfast until after the evening meal)

LAST DATE FOR BOOKINGS: 9am, Tuesday 15th August

For more information and to book on, contact:

Islam - Getting to the Heart
Dec 13

Islam - Getting to the Heart

Image: Hellmy, Flickr

Image: Hellmy, Flickr

Islam - Getting to the Heart

An Islamics course from All Nations Christian College

This course aims to enable Christians to better understand the roots and realities of Islam and to respond in a way that is Biblical, sensitive, informed and bold.

Who is it for?

For those who have a particular interest in Muslim people, whether you are involved in or preparing to work in Muslim countries or groups in the West. Perhaps you are simply interested in studying Islam!

What does it cost?

Adults £570.00

Former students £513.00

What is the programme?

The programme will include lectures and opportunities for group interaction, private study and sharing of personal experiences and insights.

What topics will it include?

  • Historical perspective on Islam
  • Islam as a diverse religion
  • Apologetics
  • Political ideologies & extremism
  • God and Christ in Islam
  • Islamic theology
  • Islam in different parts of the world
  • Discipleship
  • Qur'an and Hadith
  • Women and family in Islam

Who will be speaking?

Speakers and lecturers are experienced practitioners and experts in their field, including:

  • Carol Walker (course leader)
  • Steve Bell
  • Colin Edwards
  • Martin Goldsmith
  • Richard McCallum

How do I apply?

Download the brochure, which includes a hard copy of the application form.

N.B. this is last year's brochure, so dates are incorrect, but all other details remain the same.

9:30 am09:30

Mahabba training event: How to share your faith with your Muslim neighbours

  • New Life Croydon
Image: Guillermo Alonso, Flickr

Image: Guillermo Alonso, Flickr

  • Learn how to share your faith and answer difficult questions
  • Hear testimonies from Muslim background believers
  • Meet experienced trainers who can provide ongoing training

This event is for individuals and churches wanting to reach out to their Muslim neighbours.

Churches: the disciples were sent out in twos, so how about 'sending two' or more from your church to be trained?

The event is free. Donations for the work of Mahabba Network are welcome (please give as you feel led).

To book on, please register your interest via the form below.

Name *
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For location and nearest transport links:

Christian Reflections on Islam and British Public Life: A study day for Christians
10:30 am10:30

Christian Reflections on Islam and British Public Life: A study day for Christians

Image: Neil Moralee, Flickr

Image: Neil Moralee, Flickr

‘Christians, Muslims, education and Casey’ 

A study day in Oxford.


Topic 1 – Christians, Muslims and education – developing, publishing and promoting resources and responses

Topic 2 – Christian responses to the Casey review – the state of our communities and your case study.

This study day will build on the discussions held at the event in Birmingham last May, but will also be a standalone day and previous attendance is not required.  


There will be speakers for both topics, but the focus of the day is about learning from and studying with each other.

Those presenting will include Andrew Smith, Tom Wilson, Karamat Iqbal, Jill Dhell and Richard McCallum.

There will be no charge for this event, but please bring your own packed lunch. Drinks will be provided.

Delegates are encouraged to contribute a case study of their communities, the Muslims in it, levels of ‘integration’ and the state of Christian-Muslim interaction.

Contact Global Connections for more information.

Beyond the Doorstep: Engaging with the South Asian Family
10:30 am10:30

Beyond the Doorstep: Engaging with the South Asian Family

  • Evangelical Alliance
Image: Zouzou1, iStock

Image: Zouzou1, iStock

This event seeks to gather church leaders with an interest in reaching Muslims, and the wider South Asian family. The focus will be on sensitively sharing the gospel with them.

The format will be 6 concise presentations on successful family engagement in outreach and discipleship by a variety of church leadership including: missionaries, background believers and South Asian church leaders.

This will be followed by a panel discussion and the opportunity to view some relevant resources.

The speakers for the event will be Tracey John, Jagdish Singh, Matt Irvine, Tom Ward, Dipak Upadyhay and Kuldip Rajo.

You can book your place by registering on the link below and sending your minimum donation of £10.00 to secure your reservation.

Spaces are limited!

This event is organised by the South Asian Forum of the Evangelical Alliance.

Helping Christians engage with Muslims
10:30 am10:30

Helping Christians engage with Muslims

  • BMS International Mission Centre

BMS, in collaboration with Mahabba Network, is running an exciting event to inspire and equip Christians who are reaching out to Muslims.

Ideal for you, as a coordinator, or those in your group, or those who just want to hear from others involved in outreach.

There will be taster talks, seminars and a global café for sharing stories and posing questions to an expert panel.

It will be a day of learning good practices, networking and getting a broader sense of missional initiatives amongst Muslims in the UK.

9:30 am09:30

Fear or Friendship in Bristol Sat 11th Feb

Fear or Friendship – sharing our faith so Muslims can know Jesus

An event to equip ordinary Christians to connect positively with ordinary Muslims. In the present media climate, with refugees and migrants an increasing presence, communities are becoming increasingly divided and fearful.  An alternative is to reach out and build friendships that will provide an opportunity for our Muslim friends to know Jesus. What are the barriers that we need to understand and overcome?  What questions do we need to answer – for Muslims and for ourselves? Come and find out more and connect with others already on the journey.

Date, Time and Venue: Saturday 11th February 2017, 9.30-12.30 pm, Kensington Baptist Church, 208 Stapleton Rd, Bristol, BS5 0NX

Cost, including pastries and refreshments: Suggested donation £5 on the day

Booking (preferred): Jon on 078 5500 6317 or jon@swantogether.com

Supporting Churches and Networks: City Church, Easton Christian Family Centre, Hope Chapel, Kensington Baptist Church, Mahabba, SWAN, WEBA, Woodlands Church and others.