1. Why do we collect your personal data?
  2. What do we do with your personal data?
  3. Will we do other things with it in the future?
  4. What if you do not provide information or consent?
  5. What do we do to ensure the security of your information?
  6. What are your rights of access to your data?
  7. What will we not do with your data?

Privacy notice - Join the City

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Note: 'we' = Mahabba Network; 'you' = you, the individual


1. Why do we collect Your personal data?

We're a growing Network across the UK with a lively online community called The City. If you want to connect into the wider Network, or there isn't a Mahabba group near you, The City is a good way to build relationships with like-minded people.

If that sounds good to you, we'd love to help you join!

We provide the join The City form so that you can join our community. However, as there are some sensitivities involved with ministry to Muslims, we ask for some personal data in the process.

This is so that we can establish your identify, ensure you have an authentic interest in our work and ensure the safety and security of the existing community.

Because you want to connect, we ask for your name and e-mail address, and those of a referee. We find that this is enough to complete the process.

2. What do we do with your personal data?


Part of this process involves communicating with your referee, so we will pass on your name and e-mail, as part of your request.

Your referee will then (hopefully) reply to us and we will start the registration process which includes several other steps, which we will run through with you.

If you choose not to take things further in the initial stages, we will close your immediate request.

Your referee will see all of the information that you provided on the original Join The City form.


When you submit the form, it is directed to our helpdesk software called Zendesk that gives your enquiry a ticket number.

This is so that we can keep track of enquiries (as we get a lot!) and ensure that we respond in a timely fashion. It also means we can check that you are satisfied we have answered you as best we can.

Your name and e-mail are passed to Zendesk and stored in the system, allowing us to respond to you by e-mail.

You will also receive an automated message via Zendesk, notifying you that we have received your message safely.

Google Drive

We also store a copy of your enquiry (including the personal data that you provided) on a Google Document.

This is so that we have a backup copy, in case we lose access to Zendesk, or if it loses your data.

It also means that we can respond to access requests (see below).

3. Will we do other things with it in the future?

We do not do anything with your data other than use it in order to help you join The City, according to your request at the time of its submission.

We will not use it to send you newsletters in the future or contact you out of the blue or anything else unrelated to the original request.

If you send us another enquiry some time in the future, we will treat it independently, although we will check for any previous correspondence in Zendesk to help us respond personally, thoughtfully and comprehensively.

4. What if you do not provide information or consent?

To get in touch with the Mahabba Network via our join The City form, we need a name and e-mail address (including your referee) to respond and process your enquiry.

We provide a clear note with the form (linking to this page you are reading) indicating that we will process your data in order to fulfil your request.

By necessity, you need to provide a name and e-mail address. Without these we cannot answer your enquiry, and you will be unable to submit the form without them.

5. What do we do to ensure the security of your information?

  • We do not store any of your personal information on our website
  • We use two-factor authentication where possible to add an extra layer of security to protect data
  • We have chosen Zendesk (where your enquiry lands) because it follows industry best practices. Find out more
  • We use Google's Drive to store a backup of your enquiry because it is similarly committed to best practice with security. Find out more →
  • We use a secure password manager to store passwords and log in to Zendesk and other services - we do not recycle short, insecure passwords across multiple sites!
  • We do not share login credentials between members of our team, but set appropriate permissions for access where needed to ensure that your data is not compromised
  • We keep our security settings up to date to ensure that if there is a breach, we can quickly rectify it or regain access to accounts

6. What are your rights of access to your data?

  • We operate according to the legislation on data protection, which means that you have the right of access to your data which we store and process
  • You have the right to request that we provide this
  • We will do so free of charge and in a commonly-used or machine-readable format
  • If you would like us to delete or provide your data electronically, please submit an access request

7. What will we not do with your data?

  • When we receive a request from you to get in touch with a Mahabba group, we will:
    • Not automatically add you to a mailing list
    • Not share your data with a third-party other than those we believe can specifically help with your request (for example, if you want to get in touch with someone in the Network)
    • Not contact you out of the blue six months later about something unrelated
    • Not contact you after your request has been resolved, unless you submit a further, separate enquiry