Friendship First

Friendship First is a course that helps Christians share Jesus with Muslims.
It is an interactive, non-specialist course of six-sessions, incorporating a set of DVDs and workbooks.
It enables Christians to approach their Muslim friends with confidence. It equips participants with the skills and resources to be an effective witness to Jesus.
Friendship First was developed out of Mahabba in its early days through the knowledge and experience of experts in our Network.
It has transformed the way Christians relate the gospel to the Muslims they come into contact with.
It is now part of The Friendship Trio group of resources, which leads Muslims from friendship, to faith, to discipleship all in the context of friendship with Christians.



  • A DVD course for churches and small groups to help the church be ready to receive believers from Muslim background
  • Six weeks – 90 minutes per session:
    1. Journeys to Jesus
    2. The pearl of great price
    3. Welcome to the family
    4. Being transformed
    5. A blessing to our churches
    6. Ambassadors for Jesus
  • The DVD includes many helpful interviews with believers from Muslim background
  • Cost of DVD course & book: £40 | Cost of book: £10 (the book can be purchased as a standalone)

Now is the time

  • Islam & Muslim people
  • Islam, a whole way of life

Muslim values and culture

  • Understanding culture

  • What matters to Muslims

Good news for our Muslim friends

  • What makes it ‘good news’?
  • Longing for assurance

Our Muslim friends

  • Muslim people in Britain
  • Building bridges of friendship

Field Trip

Visit to a local mosque

Ways to witness

  • What to say and how to say it
  • Telling your story


Next Steps

  • Helping new believers
  • What next from here?


The Church of England Presence & Engagement website referred warmly to the Friendship Course in its May 2015 newsletter, Anvil.

The relationship between Islam and Christianity in the UK is a complex one, and three articles in a journal can barely scratch the surface of that complexity.

It is undoubtedly true that violent Islamist inspired extremism is on the rise throughout the world. And it is equally true that the overwhelming majority of Muslims who live in the UK have no terrorist or violent intentions towards their fellow British citizens.

But so much more can, and should, be said.

The Church must face up to the reality of British Muslims engaging in acts of horrific violence both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

Questions of domestic violence, of gender selective abortion, of ghettoization and deliberate isolation from the wider community, as well as experience of Isalmophobia, heavy-handed policing, disproportionately high unemployment and educational drop-out rates are all pressing issues within Britian’s diverse Muslim communities.

These are all questions that the Church can, and should be helping answer.

We are called to love our enemies, to follow the pattern of the Good Samaritan who deliberately chose to respond to the need of a wounded fellow human being, paying no attention to his religious beliefs.

Carl Medearis and Steve Bell are two well-known Christians who speak clearly of the importance of displaying grace to our Muslim brothers and sisters as we share the love of Jesus Christ with them, and Interserve’s Friendship First course is an excellent resource for those wishing to take first steps in engaging positively with their Muslim neighbours.

This will not be an easy or straightforward process, but it is an urgent, pressing concern for today.

Anvil, the Anglican journal of theology and mission has devoted its latest issue to the topic of Islam in Britain.

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