You and I are part of something amazing!

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As Mahabba’s chair of trustees, I am thrilled to be able share with you about the great work you and I are involved in.

I want to encourage you with some highlights of our work across the network, along with a request for you to consider supporting Mahabba with a regular financial gift towards growing the Network.

Whether you are part of a local prayer group, engage with our online forum ‘The City’, are a subscriber to our emails, or are connected to us in some other way, we are thankful for your commitment to seeing Muslims come to know Jesus as their saviour.
As trustees, we are so very encouraged by all that’s happening within the Mahabba Network and really feel like the momentum is building.
We have seen a rapid growth in the number of prayer groups starting across the UK, as more and more individuals and churches recognise both the need, and the opportunity, to reach out to Muslims in our nation with the love of Christ.

Image: charlesfred, Flickr

Image: charlesfred, Flickr


Here are some highlights

  • We now have over 40 local Mahabba prayer groups across the UK, from Woking in the South to Glasgow in the North
  • Supporting existing prayer groups and connecting them together across different cities
  • One of our newest prayer groups was established after a group of Christians in High Wycombe organised an event to gather and pray for the 20,000 Muslims in their town; the event was attended by 170 people from 20 churches
  • Mahabba Croydon ran two Friendship First courses that united 80 people from different churches across London to learn about reaching out to Muslims in love – “It answered all the questions I had about the Muslim faith, and was one of the very best courses I have attended!”
  • Believers were emboldened and encouraged through our third Lovefast campaign, which runs during Ramadan – “I have far more courage to be able to share the Gospel. I feel a greater sense of purpose from being part of Lovefast”

The results are in!

We recently carried out a survey to find out the views of those involved in Mahabba. We received lots of responses to the survey and we have read every answer and comment made by respondents.
Thank you for taking the time to share your views. Please know that we are listening to what you have said. If you didn’t get chance to take part in this survey, there will be future opportunities to share your views.
Full results from the survey are now available.

These include your views on what our priorities should be going forward, and how the network can grow stronger, including how we fund the network.
Below are some encouraging comments given in the survey:


What now?

We recognise and really value the incredible commitment people are making to their local Mahabba groups in their own cities – the amazing amount of time, money and resources you are sacrificially giving to see Muslims come to Christ.
We believe that this local work is at the heart of Mahabba and we don’t want to take away any financial resources from this frontline mission…
Yet in order to make the whole Network sustainable, to spread the vision and start prayer groups in new cities, and to develop new areas of work we need to be able to resource the central work of the charity.
Mahabba’s central work will involve:

  • Investing in the formation of new prayer groups
  • Supporting existing prayer groups and connecting them together across different cities
  • Building stronger relationships with national and regional church networks
  • Creating new resources, training and events to support churches in mentoring and discipling new believers from a Muslim background
Image: Tim Simpson,  Flickr

Image: Tim Simpson, Flickr


How can you help?

We believe that Mahabba was birthed for ‘such a time as this’ – a moment in history that is seeing millions of Muslims come to Christ.
We’d love to see a group of individuals who will sow financially into the central work of Mahabba, giving a monthly gift of £10 or more to ensure we can grow the Network, create new prayer groups and develop new resources.
Partner with us in seeing Mahabba grow and reach more Muslims with the Good news of Jesus.
Will you join us in seeing this vision become a reality?

Thank you for commitment and we hope we can continue to walk together on this journey of hope for all Muslims.

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Bryan Knell, on behalf of the Mahabba trustees