Welcome Boxes

Welcome Boxes is a project which enables churches to get involved with refugees and asylum seekers locally through extending friendship and practical assistance.
It is very simple – it involves taking a shoe box of household items to a newly-arrived family and offering a warm welcome and support in getting established in the community.
Events throughout the Middle East and Africa have resulted in the arrival of many vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers, so Welcome Boxes is an ideal way to make a big difference in a small way.
By providing local volunteers from churches with the training, awareness and confidence, Welcome Boxes equips and mobilises churches to get involved with some of the most disadvantaged people in their area.

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How can I get involved with offering Welcome Boxes locally?
  • Your first port of call should be the Welcome Boxes website
  • If you are interested in getting a Welcome Boxes project started in your church, training and preparation is available
  • Training covers all the topics and themes that go into running a successful project, such as welcoming, awareness, coordinating, volunteers and partnering – contact Welcome Boxes for full details
  • The training is guaranteed to help you get your project off to a flying start!
Who is responsible for Welcome Boxes?
  • The project was founded by Upbeat Communities, a charity in Derby, and has been successfully run over the past six years in the East Midlands
  •  Upbeat Communities helps vulnerable refugees and migrants settle and begin to thrive in their new home in the UK

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